Frames & Face Shapes

Frames & Face Shapes

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

Looking for the perfect glasses to suit your face shape? Don't worry; we've got you covered! Our guide will help you discover the best frames that complement your unique features. No matter your face shape, rest assured, there's a perfect pair waiting for you!

What is my face shape?

Mirror check! You likely have one of these face shapes: Oval, square, round, heart, or diamond. Find yours and discover the perfect glasses to complement your style with our guide!

Keep in mind that the suggestions in this guide aren't strict rules. When choosing glasses, trust your instincts. Embrace your personal style to let your unique self shine through your frames. It's a fun way to express your personality and make a statement!


Glasses for all kinds of shapes

The truth about face shapes is that very few people fit perfectly into narrow categories like heart, circle, or square. Most faces are a combination of various elements: rounded chins, tall foreheads, angular features, tapered jaws, and more. It's the unique blend of these features that makes each face truly one-of-a-kind.

Selecting a single stock image from a lineup can be daunting. Instead, focus on finding a shape that closely resembles yours. Even if your features deviate slightly from the "typical" oval or inverted triangle, remember these are just guidelines to help you balance and complement your unique features. There are no rigid rules, just tools to assist you in finding the perfect glasses that accentuate your individuality.

After identifying your face shape, you can discover the frame shape that brings natural balance to your features. This guide will help you identify the types of glasses for your face shape, making it easier for you to explore our range and find the perfect fit.


Which glasses shapes suit oval faces?

Those with oval faces are fortunate because they can wear most frame shapes. Oval faces typically have higher and slightly wider cheekbones that taper slightly towards the forehead. This long, rounded face shape allows you to rock almost any style, particularly oversized and wide frames, which can complement your features beautifully.

If you have an oval face shape, don't hold back! Embrace bold choices like funky colors, unique textures, and diverse frame shapes. Whether it's square, trapezoid, tortoise, or rectangular, the options are endless! Just avoid narrow frames or those with heavy design elements that might elongate your face. Since oval is the most versatile face shape, have fun with the latest trends, but remember, these are just suggestions. Ultimately, wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

For sunglasses suited to your oval face shape, feel free to explore a variety of eyewear options! Be bold with statement-making styles like a fierce cat-eye or edgy aviators, or opt for a cool and classic look with an iconic D-frame. With an oval face, you have the freedom to experiment and find the perfect sunglasses that match your personality and style.


Our suggestions for oval face:
Rectangle, Oval, Square, Round, Large and Horn

Which glasses shapes suit square faces?

Square faces have the advantage of pulling off various glasses shapes. It's hip to be square! With bold, angular features and a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw, many eyeglasses can flatter this face shape. If you have a square-shaped face, there are plenty of great options to enhance your features.

Regarding proportion, square faces are widest along the jaw and forehead. With a strong jawline defining this shape, glasses that sit higher on the nose can add length and complement the square face beautifully. This design choice flatters this face type and enhances its unique features.

To emphasize your best features, go for rounded frames. They soften and contrast your angular features, making them stand out. Consider rimless or semi-rimless styles that complement your square face shape and enhance your overall appearance.

Sunglasses for square face shapes

For sunglasses that suit a square face, opt for curved frame designs that are wider. These styles will help soften sharp angles and balance your cheekbones. If you want to make a bold statement, give cat-eye shades a try; they can add a touch of chic elegance to your look.


Our suggestions for square face:
Oval, Round and Large

Which glasses shapes suit round faces?

Round faces are characterized by soft curves and smooth lines, with a face that is approximately the same width from the jaw up to the brow. Cheeks are typically full, and the chin is rounded with few angles. A round face stands out for its distinctiveness, as it is all about embracing and highlighting the natural curves.

Styling tips for round face shapes

For round face shapes, go for frames with bold, angular details and clean lines to add angles and balance soft curves, creating a more defined and flattering look.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.Rectangular frames: They break up the face structure, creating the illusion of a longer and thinner appearance.

2.Angular and geometric frames: They add sharper and more distinct lines to your face, creating a balanced and flattering look.

3.Upswept frames like cat-eye: They draw attention to full-bodied and curvy cheeks while also highlighting your eyes, creating an appealing and eye-catching look.


Our suggestions for round face:
Rectangle, Square and Oval

Which glasses suit heart-shaped faces?

Heart-shaped faces can pull off a wide range of glasses styles. This face shape is widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones, making it one of the most versatile shapes to work with.

Styling tips for heart face shapes

Heart-shaped faces look fantastic in winged-out frames that flare slightly wider than their forehead. Additionally, frames with rounded bases can balance and complement their features. Some suitable options include:

1.Bottom-heavy frames: If your chin is especially narrow, you may wish to create a bit more width.

2.Frames with low-set temples: If you’re conscious of your forehead’s width, choosing this style will draw attention downward, emphasizing the lower part of your face.

3.Oval-shaped frames: They are ideal for heart-shaped faces with a narrow chin as they balance the features and draw attention upward towards the eyes.

4.Light-colored or rimless frames: These are perfect for heart-shaped faces, as they minimize the appearance of glasses with a barely-there frame. They offer a subtle and elegant look that complements the face shape beautifully.

Sunglasses for heart face shapes

To find frames that are proportionate to your heart-shaped face, seek styles with a deep base and subtle wingtips that are slightly wider than your forehead. P.S. Aviators are an excellent option! They complement the face shape and add a touch of sophistication to your look.


Our suggestions for heart-shaped face:
Rectangle, Oval and Round

Which glasses suit diamond-shaped faces?

Diamond-shaped faces typically have narrower foreheads and defined cheekbones with angular jawlines. The key is to achieve a balance with your features and eyeglasses shape when choosing the right style for you. Luckily, many glasses frames suit diamond-shaped faces. As the rarest face shape, diamond-shaped faces are characterized by full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline.

For a diamond face shape, the best look is a rimless or oval frame with a strong browline. These shapes help balance your face and highlight your favorite attributes. Play up your unique features with fun and funky frames, such as horn rim or cat-eye styles, but keep them delicate to prevent over-accentuating bold characteristics. This way, you can achieve a stylish and flattering look that complements your face shape beautifully.

When selecting sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces, you have a variety of styles to choose from, just like with eyeglasses. Top-heavy browline frames contrast beautifully with your cheekbones, while oval frames add a subtle yet effective touch. Cat-eye and rectangle frames are also excellent options. The options are endless, and our Virtual Try-On tool is available to help you find the perfect style that suits you best.


Our suggestions for diamond-shaped face:
Rectangle, Oval and Horn

Which glasses suit triangle-shaped faces?

Triangle face shapes have a wide, square jawline and a narrow forehead. Our range of styles is perfect for enhancing your best features and maximizing your look to its full potential. Find frames that flatter and complement your unique face shape for the perfect fit.

For triangle face shapes, wider frames are a great choice as they make the top of your face look broader. To add width to a narrow forehead, opt for frames with heavy accents, colors, and details on the top. This will beautifully balance the lower third of your face and enhance your overall look.

For triangle face shapes, glasses with bold designs on top and lighter on the bottom work best. Aviators or cat-eye frames are excellent choices. If you prefer a bolder statement, consider round styles that offer an interesting contrast to angular features. These frames will beautifully complement your face shape and add a touch of personality to your look.

Sunglasses for triangle face shapes

Balance your features with a pair of sunnies that are the complete opposite in structure; look for designs that are widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom, like cat-eye sunglasses shapes. Sunglasses with a wider or bolder browline will draw attention away from your jawline and elongate your forehead.


Our suggestions for triangle-shaped face:
Aviator, Horn and Browline

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do ‘OD’ and ‘OS’ mean?

‘OD’ and ‘OS’ are abbreviations of the Latin words ‘oculus dexter’ and ‘oculus sinister’, respectively. In the context of an eye prescription, ‘OD’ means ‘right eye’ and ‘OS’ means ‘left eye.

What does Sphere, Cylinder and Axis mean?

In the context of an eye prescription. ‘Sphere’ is basically a measure of how strong your prescription needs to be. The number marked ‘axis’ describes the orientation of astigmatism. It will be a number between 1 and 180. The number under ‘cylinder’ provides the lens power needed to correct the astigmatism.

What does ‘base’ mean on an eye prescription?

Your prescription may have a ‘base’ column, or it may be included in the same column as ‘prism’ this gives further information about the required prism correction, telling us the orientation needed in the lens.

What does ‘add’ mean on an eye prescription?

The number under the ‘add’ column tells us the 2nd lens prescription needed for multifocal lenses.

What is a strong eye prescription?

The higher the number on your prescription, the stronger your prescription is. A number with a minus symbol before it means you are nearsighted, and a number with a plus symbol, or no symbol, means you are farsighted. A number over 5 is generally considered to be on the stronger side.

What is an astigmatism?

If you have an astigmatism, indicated by an “axis” and “cylinder” number on your prescription, it means that the front of your eye is irregularly shaped. This stops light from focusing properly on your retina and makes your vision blurry. It usually occurs along with near or farsightedness.

Is astigmatism hereditary?

Astigmatism is often present at birth, but it can develop, or become more severe, as you get older.

What is a diopter count?

Diopter is the measurement used for the strength of eyeglass lenses. The number under the ‘OD’ and ‘OS’ measurement in your prescription is measured in diopters.